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PC System Support Repairs Maintenance  Installation and Security Terms PC solutions, repairs and support for business and home throughout the South Midlands.


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 System housekeeping and regular maintenance - systems and software, like machinery, require regular maintenance - from security updates for operating systems to drivers to keep them working well.  Here we can offer regular visits or on an as needed basis.

 Repairs and re-builds - for the more serious problems where a PC stops working or works erratically.

 Security – advice and implementation of a security and disaster recovery program.  After all, how important to your organisation is protection and security of your data?

 Training - from simple house keeping up to network administration.

 A similar approach as opposite - but aimed at the home network, wired or wireless including Internet access, file and printer sharing, shared NAS drives and peripherals so everyone can have access to music, videos etc.

 Custom built PC’s – here we offer high end specified components for specific purposes, e.g. media centres, games machines.

 Media services – the world of the PC and media       entertainment is merging fast, Pendas can help you sort out your Blu Ray DVD from your 1080p TV’s, install and set them up so they work as intended.

 Support – once you are a customer then benefit from unlimited free telephone support - why pay for expensive support contracts?

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