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Links to external web sites


These sites in our opinion represent the best that is out there when it comes to protection and accurate information.  As these are external sites, Pendas has no control or influence over their content or any advice given.   Remember if you are not confident about using any of these solutions always ask.

Spyware & Anti Virus

    Kaspersky - unobtrusive and the best

    Spy Doctor - the best spyware protection

    Spysweeper - a close joint second


    AVG - free and basic but good

Spam Filter

    Mailwasher - filter out unwanted e-mail

Windows Help

    NT Compatible - good forum

    Microsoft Help - known issues

Gaming Advice

    Tweak Guides - good all round site

    Patches Scrolls - updates for games

UK Magazines

    PC Pro - good unbiased advice

    PC Format - as above games bias

Hardware Reviews

    Trusted Reviews - excellent UK site

Internet Browser and Utilities

    Firefox - the best by far and secure

    Google - the Search Engine

Best Website

    BBC - make this your homepage!

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