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PC System Support Repairs Maintenance  Installation and Security Terms PC solutions, repairs and support for business and home throughout the South Midlands.

Home Services

Repairs and upgrades

Viral and spyware infections removed

Trouble shooting and problem solving

New PC’s, custom built to your specification           -        includes on-site support

Free ongoing telephone support for customers            -     no expensive ongoing contracts

Advice on the right hardware to purchase

No call out charges, just hourly rates

Wireless and wired network installations

Networked printers and NAS drives installed

PC’s serviced and health checked

Data recovery from corrupt or infected hard disks

Re installation or upgrade your operating system,            applications and data

 Media services - click here for more details

Home Support

As the tasks and expectations of PC’s within the home environment become more complicated from media streaming to home servers and centralised storage so do the demands placed on the home network.  Pendas can support, maintain and troubleshoot the smallest of problems on site at your home with no call out fee.

Virus and spyware removal and advice on the best AV products

Home visits servicing, upgrades and repairs to PC’s and laptops

Free ongoing telephone support for installations and systems for clients

Services Media