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PC System Support Repairs Maintenance  Installation and Security Terms PC solutions, repairs and support for business and home throughout the South Midlands.

About Us

Computers are now an established and crucial part of business and home life, from publishing simple birthday party invitations to controlling complex manufacturing processes.  

Almost everything we now do is somehow linked to some form of computer generated process, with the list set to grow as hitherto high end equipment becomes mainstream.

Based in the heart of Worcestershire, with 20 years experience of maintaining a number of larger installations, Pendas Computer Services provides a dedicated onsite PC support service to the smaller local business and households.

About Us

Support covers all aspects of maintaining a PC system from stand alone computers through to home peer to peer networks and server based business networks.   

This work is predominantly undertaken onsite though we do have workshop facilities for the more persistent problem and where down time is critical.

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Telephone: 01386 550191

Fax: 01386 554062

Mobile: 07847 287376