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PC System Support Repairs Maintenance  Installation and Security Terms PC solutions, repairs and support for business and home throughout the South Midlands.

Business Services

Business Services Consultancy

 System housekeeping and regular maintenance - systems and software, like machinery, require regular maintenance - from security updates for operating systems to drivers to keep them working well.  Here we can offer regular visits or on an as needed basis - call it preventative maintenance.

 Repairs and re-builds - for the more serious problems where a PC stops working, works erratically or simply requires an upgrade to make it more efficient.

 Security – advice and implementation of a security and disaster recovery program.  After all, how important and moreover valuable, to your organisation is protection and security of your data?  Loss can be catastrophic


 Training - from simple house keeping up to network administration.

 Web site development and maintenance, your window to the world.

 Within the Company we have a wide range of experience in a variety of business disciplines and markets and are able to offer consultancy and advice on the best ways of maximising your return from your IT budget covering accountancy systems to backup and protection.

 We will work in close contact with your key personnel and identify current areas of potential weakness and suggest ways and budgets in which they can be improved. Turning to the old cliche, we make IT work for you.

 As  a consultant we are have links and relationships with third party companies and are able also to bring you together.

 Support – once you are a customer then benefit from unlimited free telephone support - why pay for expensive support contracts and free up internal personnel for tasks they are more proactive tasks.

Services and support tailored typically for the small to medium sized enterprise centring around support.  Pendas have set themselves up to be your IT support without the need for dedicated personnel or expensive on-going support contracts.